“He Doesn’t Care If We Know He Doesn’t Care”

The above headline appeared here a few months ago. Sean Hannity and Ralph Peters psychoanalyze the American “Dear Leader.”



“Obama’s ‘You Can’t Do That’ Foreign Policy”

Much has been written about the failures of Barack Obama’s foreign policy, including the article below by Victor Davis Hanson. However, here is my analogy.

Suppose you attend a high school basketball game. The gym is packed. Then, the referee calls the visiting team’s superstar for “double dribble.” The official blows his whistle and the ball is turned over to the home team. Suddenly, the home team’s student section chants as one: “You can’t DO that! You can’t DO that.”

Picture Obama leading the cheers, as would a 17-year-old student spectator. He is good at speaking, cheering, drawing energy from the crowd. But he does not lead. He is a spectator. To borrow a phrase once used during the early months of his administration, Obama needs to “get his skin in the game.”

It is NOT enough to lecture Russia, North Korea, Iran, ISIS, and China with the scholarly equivalent of “You can’t DO that!” The fact is, they can, unless the United States leads. This means Obama must lead. In January, he said ISIS is the equivalent of the “JV.” He had it wrong. ISIS is clearly “varsity’; Obama is one who is not even good enough for “JV.”


“Burger King and Justin Bieber”

Now that Burger King hopes to relocate to Canada, perhaps they could persuade Canadian-born Justin Bieber to endorse its products. Regardless, below is an organist’s rendition of “O Canada.”