“A Green Monster Called E$PN”

Last night, E$PN broadcast the Yankees-Red Sox game from atop Fenway Park’s 37-foot high left field wall (aka the “Green Monster”). It was another gimmick in a long-line of sports TV “innovations” that don’t necessarily “enhance” the viewing experience.
But what about the fans who had “Green Monster” tickets last night? Suppose someone — let’s call him “Uncle Leo” — just had knee replacement surgery. He is in his mid-70’s, and decides he doesn’t want to use his “Green Monster” seats for a Sunday night 8:00 p.m. E$PN game.
Instead, he gives them to his nephew Chris, so he can take his son Austin (Uncle Leo’s great-nephew) to their first Yankees-Red Sox game at Fenway.  It made me wonder: how disruptive is E$PN’s presence in the Monster Seats for the fans who sit there? Is there extra security? I’ll bet it’s a much better experience when E$PN is NOT there. But in Bud Selig’s Major League Baseball mega-car dealership, since when do the fans — or TV viewers — really count for anything?
Deep Throat put it best, in his parking garage conversations with the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward: “Follow the money.”

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