“You’re Missing the Overall”

The above is a line delivered by “Deep Throat” to Bob Woodward in “All the President’s Men.”

But the news media did the same thing in its evaluation of the Halbig decision. In it, a D.C. Circuit three-judge panel ruled that federal subsidies not issued through state exchanges are unconstitutional.

This is what the media missed: The Halbig decision explains why President Obama and Senate Democrats tried to increase number of D.C. Circuit appeals court judges from 11 to 15. (in spite of the fact that the court’s workload has decreased, while other circuit courts are tremendously overworked)

This is called “court packing.” In 1937, FDR tried to pack the U.S. Supreme Court after it ruled several of his New Deal programs unconstitutional. Congress, controlled by Democrats, at that time, shot him down big time.

Adding four judges to the D.C. Circuit is nothing more than a phony attempt to save ObamaCare. That is the true significance of yesterday’s ruling.


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