“Entitlement State Blow-Back”

In general, about half the country thinks it is government’s job to take care of them.

The Obama presidency has “doubled-down” on this idea. As you watch the video below, notice the outrage against Obama for taking care of illegal immigrants, but ignoring the needs of the people back in South Chicago.

The question is: how are the needs of South Chicagoans to be met: is it more government spending? The old-fashioned capitalism that socialist Barack Obama despises (even though it is the capitalist system that made his family wealthy and his post-secondary education possible)?

In essence, Obama’s decision to bulk up the entitlement state has blown back in his face. Even more than before, Americans expect to be catered to. So, when they see their President drinking beer, shooting pool and playing golf, and asking Congress to spend $3.7 billion to help illegal immigrant children — and not America’s inner cities, they are now outraged.

Outraged enough to vote Republican? Probably not. They’ll vote Democrat again, as they have since they turned 18, and get the same poverty and crime — again.



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