” ‘Capitolizing’ on the Wave”

In 1984, as their team raced out to a 35-5 record and won their first World Series since 1968, Detroit Tigers fans invented “the wave.” In each successive section, the fans rose from their seats and lifted up both arms, causing a “wave” to ripple through the entire crowd.

The wave proved to be an excellent antidote for fan boredom.

Now, picture Obama giving a dull, boring speech before a joint session of Congress. Imagine if all the attendees (lawmakers, Cabinet members, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Supreme Court justices) started doing “the wave.”

What if Vice President Joe Biden and House Speaker John Boehner did it too?

Would Obama take it as an insult, or assume that everyone in the House chamber was worshipping him?

I think he is enough of a narcissist to think that he was being worshiped.


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