“Dereliction of Duty”

Suppose the coach of your favorite college or pro football team decided not to show up for a game.

He awakens, showers, and dresses. But just as he is about to kiss his wife “good-bye,” he sees the golf clubs in the hallway closet.

They are speaking to him (“What a beautiful day! This is the day you will crack 100, maybe even 90! Who wants to show up for the football game and have everyone second-guess you?…….’Why didn’t you kick the field goal on 4th and one from the two?’…..Who needs the aggravation?”)

So you decide not to show up. You have 17 assistant coaches. Of the 17, you have an offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator: one coaches the defense, the other the offense. In reality, you really don’t do any coaching. And then here comes that voice again.(“They don’t really need you, do they? Each of your coordinators earns $1.5 million a year. Make them earn their money. You’ve got better things to do, don’t you? Isn’t it true that among your football coaching peers, no one plays golf better than you do?”) 

What’s the point of all this? Let’s assume that football is less important than US vital interests in the Middle East. Based on that assumption, isn’t it fair to ask why President Obama played golf Saturday and spoke about global warming in his UC-Irvine commencement address yesterday while Iraq implodes?

In the military and on the football field, this is called “Dereliction of Duty.” In the White House, circa 2009-14, it is the “New Normal.” And it stinks more than the exhaust fumes being pumped into the atmosphere by the two countries most responsible for “climate change” — China and India.



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