“True Happiness”

Pharrell’s smash hit “Happy” is likely to be 2014’s Song of the Year or Record of the Year. This leads me to ask this question: If one had a choice between “prestige” and “happiness,” which would should he or she take?

It is possible that the two are not mutually exclusive. Many prestigious people are happy. Many not-so-prestigious people are not.

However, I think Billy Joel’s 1979 song “Big Shot” provides the answer. He questions whether someone really needs to have the “white-hot spotlight,” the “front-page headlines” or if they “had to be a big shot last night?”

Some people need crowd approval and adoration. Some do not. One thing is certain: at some point, the cheering comes to a stop. At that moment, the person who understands the definition of “true happiness” will experience a truly blessed, serene, and enjoyable life.



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