“The Musical Genius of Syd Dale”

Some time, if you have nothing better to do, type in the name “Syd Dale” into a search engine or YouTube and see what you get. Hint: You will discover a true musical genius. His instrumentals are catchy, relaxing, and very upbeat. They can be found in commercials, Super Bowl highlights, and TV shows.

Syd Dale was born in York, England, on May 20, 1924. While an apprentice engineer at the age of 16, he discovered his true passion — music. He studied the “Big Band” music of the 1940’s and then turned his passion into his livelihood, producing hundreds of compositions. The best part: he was self-taught. He didn’t study at some fancy school of music. He was himself, a school of music.

Syd died on August 15, 1994 at age 70.

Two samples of his best work appear below: “Secret Service” and “Artful Dodger”


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