“Becky Albright Sutherland, R.I.P.”

She used to sit in the front row of Morrill Hall, Room 200, always ready for geography class. To say she was meticulous is to say that the sky is blue, on a clear, sunny day. Becky was all business, but also had a dry sense of humor. It, among many things, is what undoubtedly attracted Kevin Sutherland — the love of her life — to her.

She also was a huge Cincinnati Bengals fan, no matter how good — or bad — the team was. Unlike many of her peers, Becky always stepped up and did the tough jobs, the tasks no one else wanted to do.

Rebecca Lee Albright Sutherland was born on Friday December 21, 1985 at Marion General Hospital. Ironically, I know exactly what I was doing that night: I was a graduate student at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, and was helping another student prepare for the final exam in our U.S. Foreign Policy Decision-Making class. (We took the exam the next day and both got “A’s.” Eventually I became a teacher  I also had her sister Kim at Tri-Rivers and OSUM. Kim was a bridesmaid in the recent wedding of my nephew Jacob Mantey and the love of his life Brittany Coon).

Through the years, I have attended numerous calling hours: they are all tough, but some are tougher than others. Becky’s calling hours fall into the category of “tougher than others.” She was 28. She leaves behind her husband Kevin and two small children. Becky, R.I.P.




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