“The Truth About Phil Mickelson”

At various times throughout his career, PGA golfer Phil Mickelson has complained about having to pay 60 percent of his earnings in federal, state and local income taxes.

That is the real reason he is being targeted by the FBI for possible insider training. Mickelson is known to be a Republican and traditional family man. And he had the audacity to speak out against higher taxes.

The government’s investigation is a “warning shot to the rich,” perhaps even a “pin prick.” Contrary to what Obama said last fall about Syria, the United States does do pin pricks. But in this case, it is needling its wealthiest citizens. And in the Mickelson case, the message is clear:

“If you earn more money than we think you should have, you will have to prove to us that you did not break any laws or take any shortcuts in doing so.”

If you are rich, famous and conservative, you’d better stay in close contact with your accountants and financial planners.


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