“The Premature Obituary of the American Daily Newspaper”

It is said that America’s daily print newspapers are dying a slow, painful death.

Not true. They have at least one devoted reader. They should last until at least January 20, 2017. You see, whenever something outrageous happens in his administration, President Obama always says he had “no prior knowledge” and “first learned about it by reading a story in the newspaper.”

He is not only the smartest person in the room, but also the best read. No one reads more newspapers than President Obama. Not my father Nick, myself, or my conservative and liberal friends. As the best read and smartest person in any room, no one learns more from reading the newspaper than the 44th POTUS.

And, remember, no one is “angrier that he is” about what he reads. He is always “madder than hell” when something goes wrong, “madder” than any of his predecessors — or successors!


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