“Misplaced Anger”



Every time something goes wrong in his regime, President Obama — or his surrogates — say that no one is “angrier” about the situation than he is. In this context, anger is supposed to measure “caring.” His intentions are good, so it doesn’t matter if his ability to carry them out is limited or non-existent (or if he is trying to cover up wrongdoing by himself or his aides).

An NFL coach can express “anger” if his teams fail to make the playoffs for six straight years. His intentions are good. He wants to win. But if he doesn’t, he’s gone. It’s amazing how Americans will tolerate an inept performance by their President, but if their favorite NFL team doesn’t win “enough,” they want the coach fired.

In 2012, the American people had a chance to hire a new coach. They chose not to. Perhaps the low-information people who voted to re-elect him — like Obama himself — have their priorities mixed up. 


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