“The Wrong Side of History”



Interesting story above about President Obama and his belief that the Republicans shouldn’t be running either chamber of Congress. He also resurrected the old Marxist, college campus slogan that the GOP is on the “wrong side of history.”

One wonders why Obama is really worried about which party runs Congress, since he rules by an administrative fiat worthy of a Third World dictatorship. As for phrase “wrong side of history,” it’s interesting that Secretary of State John Kerry used that same battle cry several weeks ago in describing Russia’s actions in Crimea and Ukraine. While imposing sanctions that have less bite than a stuffed animal dog, he and Obama essentially said that Russia is like, so 19th century in a 21st century world.”

Is Mr. Obama implying that there is some kind of “moral equivalency” between Vladimir Putin and the Republican Party? Is he implying that the Republican Party also is “so 19th century in a 21st century world?”

Less than a week before the 2008 presidential election he ultimately won, Obama said: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming America.” I would argue that it is Obama who is on the wrong side of history — the history of the United States. His ideology, whatever it might be and from whence it may have come, has blinded him more than a desert sandstorm (one that he thinks was caused by “climate change.”)


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