“More ESPN Meaninglessness”

Yesterday, after the Brooklyn Nets defeated the Toronto Raptors in game seven of their NBA quarterfinal series in Toronto, ESPN breathlessly reported that Nets coach Jason Kidd had become the first rookie head coach to ever win a game 7 on the road.

Let’s see. How many rookie head coaches have actually coached in a game seven? Very few. Most rookie head coaches inherit lousy teams and try to rebuild them. Thus, it is highly unlikely that their team will even make the playoffs, let alone play in a game seven.

Moreover, Kidd happens to have a veteran-laden team featuring former Boston Celtics and future Hall of Famers Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Given their age and experience, it is not surprising that Pierce and Garnett would play well in a “big game.” With such veterans available, just about any coach — rookie or experienced — would have a chance to win a game seven on the road, at home, or aboard an aircraft carrier in the middle of the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans.


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