“McDonald’s All-Stars vs. College Basketball Teams”

Suppose you took a group of “One-And-Done” McDonald’s All-Stars and allowed them to practice as a team — with a decent coach — for six months. Then, you match these future NBA Lottery Picks in late March or early April against an outstanding senior-laden, “college” basketball team — most of whom won’t play in the NBA. Who do you think is going to win? I’m betting on the McDonald’s All-Stars, aka, the Kentucky Wildcats. The Wildcats remind me more of the ABA’s professional Kentucky Colonels, than a “college” basketball team. If Kentucky wins tomorrow night, then the entire 2013-14 NCAA Division I men’s “college basketball” season has been nothing more than a “Ponzi Scheme” against the values of “higher-education” — and “student” athletes.


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