“August 1969”

On Sunday afternoon August 17, 1969, while the LAPD was investigating the Manson Murders and Hurricane Camille was racing toward Mississippi, the New York Jets defeated the New York Giants 37-13 in a preseason game at the Yale Bowl in New Haven, CT. The defending Super Bowl champion Jets came in as underdogs, but thoroughly dominated the game (The Giants fired coach Allie Sherman shortly afterward).

Interestingly enough, for this game, each end zone had two sets of goalposts (one for college, one for the NFL). Back then, the NFL placed its goalposts just inside the goal line (with the crossbar extended over it). For this game, Yale did not bother to take down its goalposts (which were in the back of the end zone). The NFL finally moved its goalposts to the back of the end zone at the start of the 1974 season, which cut down on field goal attempts, forced punters to aim for the “coffin corner,” and opened up the passing game inside the end zone.


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